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At HMG working green is not just a philosophy but an everyday experience.


At Horizon Marketing Group, we share in the global responsibility for protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations. We have always been "green efficient" since the start of the company in 1998, and we still take steps every day to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are some ways we are increasing the energy efficiency of our own operations:


HMG Digitizes

The greenest paper is no paper at all, so HMG keeps things digital and dematerialized whenever possible. We keep files on computers instead of in file cabinets, and review documents on screen rather than printing them out. We send emails instead of paper letters, and reach out to clients on a one on one basis through our private Intranet system.

Tablet Revolution

Furthering our digitization efforts, HMG has started utilizing tablets during our presentations. Rather than print out multiple copies of one presentation for each participant, we simply share the presentation with our clients via tablets placed throughout the room.

Digital Sales Literature Closet

HMG has developed a Digital Sales Literacy Closet which utilizes a mobile web page to obtain valuable contacts in an effective and green way. Here is how the process works: a custom mobile site is developed that allows sales representatives to have discussions with potential clients in any setting and enter their email addresses on the small form. The representative then selects which companies and/or products the prospect is interested in and an email is immediately sent to the new contact. The email contains a customized message from the sales representative as well as the information the prospect requested. The data is captured for future email correspondence or contact, and the lead information is sent and stored in the Peer360® leads database.

Electronic Invoicing

From the accounting end, 99% of our invoices are emailed, not printed and mailed. We only send statements upon request and via email. This saves on paper, ink, envelopes and postage. We ask clients to pay us by ACH, versus sending us a printed check.

About 80% of our vendors email invoices instead of sending paper copies. We ask vendors if we can pay them via ACH/Wire Transfer instead of sending checks.

Virtual Tradeshows

Virtual tradeshows are an attractive green alternative to traditional tradeshows. Virtual tradeshows look and function like the real thing, only they take place in cyberspace. The online venue may even be designed to look like a convention center, complete with lobby, lounge and exhibit hall featuring many different companies' booths. HMG has started leveraging virtual tradeshows to reduce travel and materials needed for on-site tradeshows. By utilizing a virtual environment, we further enhance our digitization efforts by offering digital materials to tradeshow attendees.

Greening the Commute

American workers spend hundreds of hours per year commuting through rush hour traffic, resulting in an excess of wasted gas. We ease some of this strain by working from home, allowing employees to be more productive and use less energy. Instant messaging, video conferencing, and other innovative workflow tools make effective telecommuting a reality.

Peer360º Email Marketing Solutions

Peer360 was born from the culmination of experience and knowledge gained by Horizon Marketing Group. We know that email marketing is a great way to be Green and save money. Email newsletters save lots of money over print and postage, and can be tracked. Feedback is fast and efficient. You can know who has opened the email, what articles were most read and which links were clicked the most. You can create interactive polls and surveys to immediately engage your members and find out what they really think.

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